Nature is all around us in it’s magnificence, majesty and glory. It can clearly be seen everywhere, from the foxes, coyotes and wolves, to pets and farm animals. It can be seen in the owls, hawks, and eagles, to the woodpeckers, ducks, and herons. Creation can also be enjoyed in the landscapes and sunsets, to the expansive beauty of the night sky, including the northern lights. All you need to do is stop and take a look.

Here, in the photographs on this site, I present to you the beauty that I see all around me. Please take a moment to check out the photos in the various galleries and store.

If you see something you like in the gallery that’s not in the store, please jot down the photo reference number, go to the contact page and fill in the form. I’ll contact you shortly to discuss the details of how you would like that photo sized and framed. I would be honoured to help you enjoy my view of natures beauty, with one of my photos on your wall.

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